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Mentoring Information

QA Law: Mentoring Requirements for Pre-certified K-12 Interpreters/Transliterators with a Provisional Certificate*


Mentors must have NAD IV or V, or RID CI/CT certification AND 3 or more years experience in any educational setting.


The QA law requires weekly on-site mentoring.


The interpreter/transliterator must develop an education plan that outlines how they plan on earning national certification. Here is a sample template of an education plan.

* Helpful hint: Although the law does not require keeping a mentoring log, it is important the interpreter/transliterator keeps record of the mentoring along with any extra work/mentoring/skill development/workshops/etc. they have participated in. The paperwork can be used as evidence and support for the rationale for an extension, if one is needed. Here is a sample of a mentoring/skill development log looks like. Here is a blank one which can be used as a template.

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** DISCLAIMER: MRID has done its best to research, gather information, and interview experts about this process and we provide this website as a public service. We do not intend this information to be legal advice. Laws may change, and although we will do our best to keep this site up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it is so. If you have concerns about potential non-compliance issues, please consult the Minnesota Department of Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department or your own legal counsel.

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