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Licensure VLOGs

March 30, 2021

(Transcript available within YouTube)

February 23, 2021

(Transcript available within YouTube)

February 18, 2021


Visual description: Tarra Grammenos, white female with dark brown hair pulled back, wearing a black shirt and black cardigan, is sitting in front of a dark green background.


Hello! My name is Tarra Grammenos, president of MRID.

I'd like to talk about the current Interpreter Licensure Bill, HF827 & SF1046 that was recently submitted to the 2021 Legislative Session.

You may remember last spring of 2020, when Interpreter Licensure Bill HF3294 was submitted. As a member-driven organization, MRID sent out a survey to the interpreting community, to get their take on the bill. After gathering over 250 responses (*edit, survey had 244 responses), a high percentage said they were opposed to that bill. The language on the current Interpreter Licensure Bill is the same as it was last year. MRID also hasn't been involved in the drafting, creating, planning, or submitting of the current bill.

For those reasons, MRID opposes the current Interpreter Licensure Bill.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

Thank you.

December 17, 2020

(Transcript is available within YouTube)

February 2020

(HF3294) Survey Results

(HF3294) Survey Responses

September 28, 2019

This presentation is from Howard Rosenblum (Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of the Deaf) which he provided to our community at the Town Hall meeting held at Metro Deaf School back on September 28, 2019. We would like to extend a special thank you to the University of Minnesota, who donated voice interpreting services so a transcript could be generated for Howard’s presentation. The transcript was generated by the University of Minnesota ICU (Interpreter Captioning Unit) for this! 

The formal presentation is approximately 90 minutes long and is a good place to start in self-educating.

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