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DEAF EQUITY: DDBHH Awareness Day at the Twins Game

  • Tuesday, August 13, 2024
  • Target Field, 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis MN 55403

Image Description: A vibrant flyer for the "2nd DDBHH Youth Baseball Clinic," presented in black with yellow and white accents. At the top is the "Deaf Equity" logo with the "Twins Community Fund" logo to the right. The flyer features a baseball with stars around it, a home plate graphic with a crossed bat, and a glove behind it. The event details are prominently displayed: "FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2024" and "10:30 AM - 12 PM" for ages 6 to 10. Below, the location is given as "Highland Park Community Center, 1978 Ford Parkway St. Paul MN 55116." It advertises "SWAG! GIVEAWAYS! TICKETS! FUN!" and notes the event is free with "ASL interpreters" and "DDBHH role models." A QR code for registration is to the right, with a "Register Now!" prompt. Contact information is provided at the bottom as "”

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