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2024 CAMp asl FAQs


Is there an age requirement?

Yes, this camp is for adults 18+ only.

Who is the target audience for Camp ASL?

ASL & Interpreting Students, Certified and Non-Certified Interpreters, Teachers, Parents, anyone who would benefit from an all ASL immersion environment.

I've only taken ASL 1 - is this a good fit for me?

Probably not - we highly encourage folks to have already taken ASL 4/5 or equivalent before coming to Camp. We will not be providing interpreting services.

Is there an a la carte option for the workshops/activities?

Unfortunately there's not. We encourage folks to stay the entire time.

Will there be CEUs/ASL hours?

Yes! We don't have the final number yet, but yes we will be providing RID CEUs for interpreters and ASL hours for teachers (and others who need them). If anyone else needs certificate of attendance for your work, we can also provide that.

I need to arrive late/leave early, is that okay?

We understand life happens, so yes that's fine, however we cannot offer any discounted rate.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds after April 3rd (30 days before Camp begins). This unfortunately includes if you test positive when you arrive - we have already paid the camp for your food/lodging and won't get that money back. We encourage folks to test for covid the week of camp to ensure you're not wasting a trip there.

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