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2024 CAMp asl

MRID is pleased to announce we will be hosting MRID Camp ASL 2024! 

Camp will be hosted Friday, May 3rd, to Sunday, May 5th, at Camp Friendship in Annandale, Minnesota. 

deaf mentors & presenters

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We are opening our call for Deaf Mentors and Deaf Presenters!

Deaf Presenters:

We are looking for presenters and workshops that are engaging, insightful, and great for a wide range of participants. Workshops will be two-hours, and we are open to any and all topics! Deaf presenters chosen will also be expected to serve as Deaf mentors for the weekend; so we ask that you are available the entire time. 

Deaf Presenter Compensation Package: 

$250 Stipend for the Weekend ($150 as a Deaf Mentor and $100 per workshop as a presenter)

Free Registration (includes CEUs, Food, and Lodging) 

Deaf Mentors 

We are looking for a group of enthusiastic individuals who will act as language models, facilitate group discussions, lead and participate in activities, mentor Camp ASL attendees, and mirror interpret questions/comments from the audience during workshops (if you want to practice that - completely optional). 

Deaf Mentor Compensation Package: 

$150 Stipend for the Weekend 

Free Registration (includes CEUs, Food, and Lodging) 

Deaf presenters and mentors will be expected to arrive at Camp on Friday, May 3rd, by 11am, and stay until Sunday, May 5th, at 11am.  Applications will close Thursday, February 15th!  Camp ASL is a 'silent weekend' experience filled with fun workshops and activities led by Deaf presenters and mentors. Camp ASL is for anyone who would benefit from an all ASL immersion weekend (Interpreters, Teachers, College Students, etc.) Participants will be sleeping in shared cabins.

Please note: All participants need to be 18 years old or older and have at least intermediate to advanced ASL conversation skills; this is not a place for beginners.


Please let us know if you are able to make a commitment to sponsoring Camp ASL 2024 by clicking the button response below! This will help us tremendously in our planning efforts. 

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