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2021-2022 MRID Board OPEN Director Positions


    • 2 year term:  January 2021-December 2022
    • 2 months of mentoring with the previous director in that position
    • Board Retreat (generally in December) for team building and goal setting
    • Networking and relationship building with the interpreting field throughout the state
    • Leadership Development- learning a variety of new skills


    • MRID and RID member and remain in good standing throughout the duration of term
    • Operations Director must also have at least five years of interpreting experience and hold RID national certification

Apply or Nominate a Candidate

Due September 12

Apply or Nominate HERE


    • Voting will take place online, NOT during the annual Business Meeting
    • Ballots will be emailed to eligible voters and will be sent to the email address listed on their MRID profile
    • Who are eligible voters?  Individuals who are members of both MRID and RID


Operations Director: To ensure the MRID runs smoothly and efficiently

Questions about the position?


In the President's absence, the Operations Director shall assume all of the President's duties.


    • Record the minutes of all meetings of the MRID and Board of Directors.
    • Keep the corporate records current
    • Be an authorized signatory on all checks and drafts for the withdrawal of organizational funds

Finance Director: Responsible for fiscal management and longevity of the MRID.

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    • Keep accurate financial records for the corporation; and supervise the preparation of financial reports as necessary for the Board and membership
    • Deposit all monies in the name of the MRID in the banks and/or accounts designated by the board
    • Has co-signature responsibility with the President on all checks and drafts for the withdrawal of organizational funds
    • Complete and submit all forms required by the federal and state governments as a 501(c)(3)
    • Upon request, provide the MRID President and the Board of Directors an account of the transactions and overall status of the financial conditions of the organization

Community Relations Director:  Responsible to build rapport with community organizations and keep abreast of happenings and current events in the ASL and broader community.

Questions about this position?



    • Serve as community contact and liaison between the MRID and community organizations
    • Seek a committee of representation from each region of Minnesota (Southern, Central, Metro, Northern) for outreach efforts and to assist with Liaison responsibilities within the community

Communications Director:  Responsible for official communications to the membership and broader community.

Questions about this position?


In the event that the Operations Director is either vacant or that individual assumes the responsibilities of the President, the Communications Director shall assume all of their (Operations Director's) duties of record keeping for the organization.


    • Oversee the dissemination of information to the broader community, through social media, newsletter, and website
    • Ensures the standard of quality is consistent for all information released

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